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Bicycle Accident Information and Safety

Bicycle Accident Information and Safety

Although summer has roughly a month left, it doesn’t mean that we can forget about looking for cyclists on the road.  According to the National Highway Safety Administration, there are around 800 deaths per year resulting from bicycle-related automobile accidents.  This is accompanied by nearly 50,000 injuries ranging from simple bruises and cuts to broken bones, to severe head trauma.  By taking a deeper look at the common causes of bicycle accident injuries, we can all perhaps be more alert while on the road.  Below are some of the most common reasons that a vehicle and a bike will crash into one another.

Distracted operation of a bicycle

In a previous article this month we have talked about when it comes to the dangers of distracted driving.  Operating a bicycle while distracted is also dangerous.  Operators are likely to use their cell phones while riding to quickly send a text or changing a song that they are listening to.

Incorrect positioning by the bike or car

Utah has a 3-foot cycling rule that mandates that operators of motor vehicles provide at least 3 feet between their car and the cyclist when they are passing them.  When this is not appropriately done the vehicle is likely to sideswipe a cyclist, especially on tight turns.  Drivers can also open their passenger or driver side doors without thinking to look for a cyclist.  Suddenly there is a collision that could have been avoided had someone taken a second look before they opened their door.  Finally, drivers can sometimes rear-end a cyclist because they are either not paying attention or were following way too close at a stop sign.

Additional factors such as speeding and weather

There is a culmination of things can cause an accident on the highway, freeways, or residential areas.  When either the driver or the cyclist is driving too fast for conditions an accident is more likely to happen.  It is also important to note that regardless of the location, most cycling accidents happen between the hours of 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM.  This is likely due to more limited visibility due to low levels of light.  There is also an increase in alcohol use during this time.  In fact, in over 35% of all cycling accidents, alcohol was a factor in one way or another.

The results when a cyclist or a pedestrian has been hit by a car are often far worse than when two vehicles collide.  Victims of the crash often find themselves in a difficult position, trying to recover physically as well as financially.  If you or a loved one has been involved in a cycling-related auto accident in Utah you have legal options.  Contact The Law Offices of Roberto Hernandez today to speak with a legal professional and request a consultation.


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